Cocktail of the week: Manila sunrise

The trick here is to pour the vodka mix into the orange juice in such a way that it sinks to the base of the glass, creating a striking, double-layered drink that’s as easy on the eye as it is to sip.

Manila sunrise
Serves 1

200ml fresh orange juice
50ml good vodka – we use Stolichnaya
15ml grenadine syrup
15ml fresh lime juice
5ml sugar syrup – ours is 2:1 sugar:water
Lemon or orange slices, to garnish

Put a large handful of ice in a standard 270ml wine glass, then pour in the orange juice. Put the vodka, grenadine, lime juice and sugar syrup in a mixing glass or jug, stir gently just to combine, then slowly and carefully pour into the glass from the very edge, so it sinks and settles at the bottom of the glass – this will give the cocktail two distinct layers of colour. Garnish with slices of lemon or orange, add a long (reusable) straw and serve.